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Lyra is one of the best examples of the stalwart girl-child adventurer in modern fiction, and a children’s book that means to invert Milton’s conclusions in — the ball-busting, matter-of-fact Princess Cimorene, who runs away from her parents’ kingdom because she can’t stand crochet and eyelash-batting lessons and would really rather live with the dragons.

She rolls her eyes at the refrain that she’s not a proper princess, and decides to do what she likes — studying Latin and making Cherries Jubilee — and is sure to inspire some independent thinking in your average girl.

This female exec has held positions of power at Facebook, Google, and Disney.

While it has certainly stirred up some controversy, this must-read book has inspired scores of women to take their careers to the next level.

An orphaned little girl finds a key to an abandoned garden, which she tends until it turns into a paradise — not only for her, but for the other lost souls — both young and old — around her.

A wonderful, classic story about the healing power of nature and of the mind.

If you are trying to eat a more nutritious diet, lose weight, or just introduce some new recipes into your repertoire, this is a diet book you might actually enjoy.

These titles also make great gifts for your mom, daughter, sister, or best friend.

is one of the many books written by Hungry Girl, aka the blogger Lisa Lillien.

She accompanies the adventurous Taran on his quests, frequently hauling him out of trouble and berating him for being so thick-headed and, after all, only an assistant pig-keeper.

Magic, action and girls being better than boys — what could be better? The book is filled with both childhood and adult politics, moral struggle and rad Battle Room fights as Ender deals with being the next kid to save the world.

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