Dating mxr distortion pedal

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The Distortion was one of the first pedals made by MXR, dating. The MXR Phaser is a go-to effect for musicians of all stripes, whether its adding. Its most likely a 79 Block going by the latest date code of the two potientiometers..

Simple yet tonally authoritative and tough, MXR pedals have been around. Buying a considerable investment us take away gimmicks, tired retreads, flimsy plastic bargains, downright nasty sounding, what left with?

The Rockchester, New York based company was one of the first to offer an extensive lineup of stompboxes.

The iconic Phase 90, Dyna Comp, Distortion today stand side-by-side with innovative modern classics such as the Carbon Copy Analog Delay and Custom '78 Badass Distortion.

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( Silicon Fuzzface Clone ) Brand New, Still In Box.

Joyo Digital Delay (Boss DD Digital Delay Clone ).

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