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Ken accuses Patterson of trying to blacken Billy's name because he feels that his own position with the team is being threatened by the prospect of a younger and more talented coach.

Ken takes Ibrahim to the match to watch Billy's performance and to judge his talents for himself.

When Ken and Billy return to The Grand, a chirpy blonde Liverpudlian called Gloria is waiting for Billy.Ken, Harry and Doreen visit his widow, Meg Lucie, and find that she is coping very badly, both with looking after the garden and with the paying of the bills.Ken and Harry sort out the garden while Doreen sorts out Meg's bills.Ibrahim offers Billy the job as manager (having sacked Patterson), but Billy turns him down when Rhoma agrees to have him back.Sneh Gupta [ Surinder Kaur ], Gurdial Sira [ Narain Singh ], Tanveer Ghani [ Ranjit Singh ], Omar Salimi [ Balbir Singh ], Badi Uzzaman [ Surinder's Father ], Donald Sumpter [ Jack Evans ], Chrissie Coterill [ Shirley ], Dave Atkins [ Ben Gibbs ], Roger Walker [ Les Rickett ], Russll Kilminster [ Mr Casey ], Andy Bradford [ Van Driver ], Steve Lucock [ Teenage Biker ], Simon Crane [ Car Thief ], Sean Mc Cabe [ Car Thief ] Ken falls off his bike while he is riding along a snowy country lane.

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