Ebony chat lines

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"It's about time that I got an assistant." I thought to myself.

I started to tweak my nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger as I took another sip of wine before putting the glass down.

I dragged my other hand down to the crotch of my panties before pushing the fabric aside and plunging two fingers into my pussy hole, my thumb caressing my clit. Pinching and pulling my nipples, scraping my clit with my thumbnail while the two fingers buried in me, I curled, touching my g spot.

Skin the color of the richest milk chocolate, full, inviting lips and gorgeous dark, almost black, eyes started back at me from the screen as I quickly scanned for her information. As she was sitting there across from me, I couldn't help myself and my eyes traveled over her body.After my morning routine, I arrived at work expecting more of the same old high tension work that had been recently plaguing me.I was then shocked when, at around two, I received an email back from HR stating that my assistant had been approved and that I should be expecting her tomorrow. Thank you." She smiled a dazzling smile of her own.I delicately cleaned my fingers off with my tongue just to dip them under my panties to gather more of my juices.After gathering and tasting all I could, I took a long, lingering bath quickly followed by sleeping naked in my soft, comfy bed.

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