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That’s not the case at Bit Style where there don’t seem to be any women on staff that could be called unattractive, overweight or old.

It’s certainly different than a point-and-shoot place like Lolita’s where everything is as easy and walking in and dropping trou.

If that wasn’t help enough to organize a session the management has assembled a clear and concise Power Point presentation that is shown on a flat screen television to explain how everything works.

Oddly enough I’m told that some customers still don’t understand the concept of the place even after all this and push for more than what is provided.

Japan is filled with pink salons, South Korea has its lip cafes, and Vietnam has many but many of those places are off limits to foreigners and people who can’t speak the local language.

That’s not the case in Thailand where the bars are not only open to English-speaking foreigners but specifically cater to them.

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