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The metal themselves is indestructible and cannot and I mean CANNOT BE BROKEN.

Naruto can literally stab someone while channeling his wind affinity.

Full time relationship Read allot Tom Clancy books play his games on the 360 and Ps3.

I read allot of mystery, thriller action and drama but most of the time I play on the 360.

If this happens Zabuza tells them who has been training for the past couples months going into years.

Everyone from the nation left due to hearing what heroic deed Naruto did for them and left Nami with no hesitation. I don't care how it happens but Hinata must be moved to where Naruto goes.

If this happens he can destroy a person's chakra points completely. Rajin and Fujin are some of the eldest children from Izanami and Izanami. "He is portrayed as a terrifying dark demon, resembling a red headed black humanoid wearing a leopard skin, carrying a large bag of winds on his shoulders".

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Note this, I want something similar when Wolverine broke down crying asking 'Why did they do this to me?

One suggestion is Naruto smelled something like Asuma's cigarette smoke on Kurenai's clothes which proves he is better as a tracker than Kiba. You can use a different approach if you want to convince Kurenai that Naruto is better suited to be on the team. Naruto can stay in Konoha, even if Sasuke managed to leave.

He can live his life in Konoha and revive the Uzumaki clan. He later revives Uzu while all of Nami sinks into the ocean.

Or you can have him switch later on before the chunin exams if the jounin change their minds. From there one sensei tells the other of Naruto's abilities but also Sasuke. NARUTO VS NEJI Your choice but if so I want Neji be beaten to the ground with Naruto using his metal claws. Slashing his clothes while Neji thought Naruto didn't hit him. Tsunade Arc Your choice use some canon or imagination. It's your choice how they fight but this is where it changes.

The one not training him gets interested on how it goes and watches Naruto beat Kiba very and I mean very easily in a fight. It's your choice to bring back the traitor or let him escape.

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