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Malala, who was shot in the head as she travelled home from school last week, will be treated at the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which has a trauma ward to cater for British personnel wounded in Afghanistan.A statement released by Pakistan's military, which has been caring for her ever since the shooting, said she would need to have bones in her skull repaired or replaced as well as long-term rehabilitation.At the weekend, doctors at a military hospital in Rawalpindi said she was making steady progress and had moved her feet and hands despite remaining in a drug-induced coma.

An influx of Asian immigrants also took place following the expulsion or flight of Indian communities (then holders of British passports) from the newly independent Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania in the early 1970s.Immigration of small numbers of South Asians to England began with the arrival of the East India Company to the Indian subcontinent in the 17th century.Indians came to Britain, for educational or economic reasons, during the British Raj, with most returning to India after a few months or years, and in greater numbers as the Indian independence movement led to the partition of 1947, eventually creating the separate countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.Authorities have offered a reward of £70,000 for the capture of the gunmen.Hundreds of vigils and demonstrations have been held as Pakistan prays for her recovery.

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