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You will be faced with a cavernous hole in your life. Some people from abusive households wisely decide not to have children for fear that they, too, might become abusive. Besides, you cannot completely divorce yourself from your family, because just limited to these two: 1) To either to continue to be mistreated, or 2) to cut off all contact with your family.

Pull out all the stops in order to get them, in fact.

I wrote about some of the ideas that I describe below.

A couple of people who said they were dealing with BPD parents did not like what I wrote, but showed that they had adopted some of the very behavior they were complaining about in their parents, as evidenced by their responses to me (more on why this might happen shortly).

The great big secret, however, is that folks with BPD are often highly ambivalent about getting these reactions.

They will try like hell to get them - and believe me, they are real professionals at it - but (How do I know this? But I can not prove it - because there is literally no way to set up an "empirical" experiment that would fill the bill - so readers can call this highly speculative if they wish).

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