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By ninth grade, Trump was a model cadet; as a senior, he made cadet captain, says Dobias, and was the star first baseman for Dobias' varsity squad.

"He was good-hit good-field: We had scouts from the Phillies to watch him, but he wanted to go to college and make real money."After graduating from Wharton, where his academic laurels have been grossly overstated through the years (he didn't finish first in his class or anywhere near it, and went altogether missing from the list of honors for the class of 1968), Trump began working for his old man in Brooklyn, but had little sustaining interest in low-rent units.

Trump tells the story of being dragged by the nose to join Fred on his rounds collecting rents.

"We'd go on jobs where you needed tough guys to knock on doors," he says.

It is hard to overstate the effect of the building on your sense of dimension and place.

You walk into a lobby that is half-Vegas, half-Vatican, a vaulting altar of brass and obsidian that soars halfway to heaven, where they serve dark-roast.

Instead, you frame a query, then stand back and watch him go, hoping that in the monologue that follows, he touches at least obliquely on your topic.

This time, he did divulge about his father, going on at length and with real feeling.

"But I guess we were pushed and motivated differently." It's worth noting that Trump was nearly a train wreck himself as the son of wealth in Jamaica Estates, Queens.He had great energy and vision, worked seven days a week and liked it, and was happy in his life.I watched people take vacations, and they're .There, you are met by the first in a series of dazzling young female assistants. Many of his close aides are women in their twenties not very long removed from college.Hope Hicks, Trump's communications director who, several years ago, was studying at Southern Methodist University, leads me into the boss's office, which is as much Trump's trophy room as workspace.

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