Updating drupal themes

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The movie is now called "Installing the Acquia Dev Desktop".

After the course was released, Acquia changed their branding.

The password will not be stored; the user will be prompted for it every time.

One thing I want to add, might be just related to bootstrap theme itself plus used as a parent theme, I must set the group permission to writable so I can see the version number bumped up after upgrade.

This allows you to upgrade the original theme and retain your code separately.

So - you will still need to review updates to the core theme, but this approach (for me) makes the most sense, means I'm maintaining the smallest amount of code, and provides a fairly straightforward way to build on the existing themes Drupal offers. I used to do it when Zen 1.x was in development, I would simply run a Diff tool (Changes App) over the latest Starterkit and my sub-theme, and then where necessary over the original source files and the renamed/modified file.

I don't want to suggest that the scope of this be extended unnecessarily, but I would just like to point out a few key pieces here: 1.Is there a better way to approach this in the future?You asked "Is there a better way to approach this in the future? An alternative to modifying the theme you're basing things on (which I favour) is subthemeing, with which you extend the existing theme by overriding only the aspects you wish to change.It may seem like a lot, but if you work it methodically you should meet with success.It would probably take a few hours to go through all the markup, depending upon your theme's complexity. That really depends upon how much has changed in the ids and classes you targeted, as some modules and core functions have renamed classes and ids in their D7 ports.

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