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It would go something like this, “Excuse me, I was going to lunch and wasn’t sure if I should do this. So I ran back across the street, dodging traffic and a small chihuahua to come say hi. ” While you’re explaining the story she’s going to want to know the conclusion.

Now you have her full attention, and can start a conversation.

Click the subtopic in the menu below, and skip ahead for the approach tips you want.

This can this create an awkward situation if she’s not into it.

Whether it’s for sex, dating or a long term relationship, your basic approach is going to be the same.

Thinking too far ahead and worrying about a relationship cause hesitation.

The best kind of conversation is going to be organic. Instead, learn conversation structure; the snow ball technique. The deeper you go into someones life, the more they have to open up. When we make ourselves vulnerable to others we often feel “chemistry”.

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen with my clients is topic hopping.

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